The Tarrant County Clerk’s Office plays a critical role in the lives of the 2.1 million citizens who reside in either one of 41 cities or unincorporated Tarrant County.

The office of the County Clerk was born from Article V, Section 20 of the Texas Constitution in 1836. The County Clerk is often referred to as “keeper of the record.” Duties include Clerk of the Commissioner’s Court, civil, probate and criminal courts. Additionally, my office is responsible for real and personal property records, birth and death records, the issuance of marriage licenses, processing passport applications, military discharges, assumed name businesses and historical records preservation. Leveraging technology, records are digitized for convenience and safe guarding.

The County Clerk employs over 140 deputy clerks, each of whom swears an oath to faithfully execute their official duties. Although not a constitutionally designated duty, excellent customer service is a fundamental requirement to serve as a deputy clerk.

In fact, we look to our Tarrant County Clerk’s mission statement to reach this goal- “It is the mission of the Tarrant County Clerk’s Office to provide cost-effective services and a satisfying citizen experience.” This commitment to outstanding customer service manifests itself at the counter of many county buildings, on the phone, or by way of the web where many records can now be located using a computer or smartphone from any location. These records include:

  • Birth and death records
  • Land and business records
  • Marriage licenses
  • Probate records
  • County Courts at Law records
  • Commissioner’s Court records
  • Criminal records