“The excellent customer service taxpayers enjoy at the County Clerk office is clearly driven by Mary Louise’s commitment to Servant Leadership.”
– Bill Waybourn, Tarrant County Sheriff

“Mary Louise believes that an efficient government is one that collaborates. And she demonstrates that at every turn.”
– Tom Wilder, Tarrant County District Clerk

“I am pleased to know that Mary Louise Nicholson is running for re-election as Tarrant County Clerk. Mary Louise is a highly qualified and valued civil servant who knows what good government looks like and pursues it each and every day.  I wholeheartedly endorse her re-election.”
– Jerry Dittrich, Mayor of Benbrook

“I am proud to offer my support to Mary Louise Nicholson in her re-election bid as Tarrant County Clerk. Mary Louise has demonstrated an ability to lead the County Clerk’s office in a transparent, efficient, and fiscally conservative manner. She is fighter for taxpayers and a strong believer in leveraging technology  to simplify the way citizens interact with their government. Tarrant County needs Mary Louise Nicholson.” 
– Armin Mizani, Mayor of Keller

“It has been wonderful for Arlington having Mary Louise Nicholson as County Clerk.”
– Tom and Carl Craven

“As her Campaign Treasurer for more than eight years, I have seen firsthand her success in this very important role as Keeper of the Records.”
– John Avila, Jr.

“A strong believer in leveraging technology to simplify how citizens interact with their government.”
– Andy Nguyen, Fmr. Tarrant County Commissioner


“Mary Louise is enthusiastic and driven in all that she does. Her commitment cannot be questioned.”
– Jen Hall, Tarrant County Area Leader House District 93

“We are happy to endorse Mary Louise for County Clerk.  Mary Louise is fiscally conservative and a strong advocate for the taxpayer.”
– Peggy Borchert, Tarrant County Area Leader House District 95 & Party Supporter

“Mary Louise tirelessly encourages excellence from her employees in service to the community.”
– Stephanie Busby, Tarrant County Area Leader House District 90

Backed by Local Businesses, Organizations, and Conservatives We Trust!

Republican Party of Texas
Tarrant Star Republican Club
Fort Worth Republican Women
Arlington Republican Club
Reagan Legacy Republican Women
MetroTex Association of Realtors
Greater Fort Worth Association of Realtors
Apartment Association of Tarrant County
JD Johnson Campaign
Tarrant County Law Enforcement Association